Be a good neighbor

Please remember to put your trash container away and out of view of your neighbors and the street other than on pickup day.

We are a pet loving community.   Although there hasn't been a census taken, some have speculated that there are probably as many cats and dogs in Mirabella as there are humans.   If you are a pet owner who walks your dog, please be considerate of the property of others. Our bylaws require a pet's owners to pick up any "gifts" left on the property of anyone else.   Please be a good neighbor and responsible pet owner by doing so.

All complaints regarding lots or homes that you deem not in compliance with the standards of our community should be directed to ARC/Deed Restriction Committee of the Board.   You can e-mail these to our ARC members.   

Burning of debris/trash by builders.  You should know that the Murfreesboro Fire and Codes Enforcement departments allows builders to do so provided they have obtained a permit.   However, if you see a fire on any lot that appears to be a problem, please call the Fire Department.  They will respond and put out the fire.


As you undoubtedly know, deeds to homesites in Mirabella are conveyed subject to certain restrictions as to how they can be used.   In general, deed restrictions commonly cover items as varied as the minimum home size that can be build on a lot, type of construction materials allowed, minimum set-backs (distances from the street and other property lines), and even its appearance.  

When your home was built, your builder met with the ARC, and together they determined that the proposed design was consistent with the look and feel of the subdivision.

Deed restrictions can also carry over to how the property can be used.   So why would you buy a property that carries such restrictions?   Simply because you are assured your property value will not be adversely affected by the actions of your neighbor.   While it may be true that you can't paint stripes on your home, or build a motorcycle track in your back yard, you decided you were willing to give up those rights as long as you were assured your neighbor couldn't erect a 100 foot radio aerial.

Well, who determines what's in compliance and what's not?   A committee appointed by the Board known as the Architectural Review Committee is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the provisions of the restrictions (and bylaws) of the HOA as well as reviewing changes proposed once a property is sold.

Please remember that all improvements to your home require the approval of this committee in advance.   This doesn't just include structural changes to your home or its appearance, but also the addition of fences, pools, swing sets, playhouses, storage buildings and trampolines and retaining walls.

If you are contemplating building or placing such items on your property, please remember to get approval from the committee before any work begins.   Failure to do so could result in you being required to restore the property to its former state at your expense.   Let's keep our interactions cordial and our property values growing by ensuring proper procedures are followed.

Thank you,

The Board of Directors of the Mirabella HOA

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