Homeowners' Association



August 18, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 5:00pm at R Property Management, Inc. Office

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Board of Directors Present:             Ashley Johnson     Ian Mathison     Anjali Savaria     Chester Falterman


Others:                                                   Kristan Roberts- R Property Management, Inc.

                                                                  Twana Roberts-R Property Management, Inc.


Handouts:                                             Financials




Financial Review:


 T. Roberts reviewed the financial statements and noted a full report with copies of checks and bank statements  is mailed to the President .  All confirmed to continue this process.


T. Roberts noted two homeowners have not paid for 2016. The one that has not paid for 2015 has a court date in August.



New Business:


T. Roberts noted there is a water leak at the meter. Steve with R Property Management, Chad with Landco and Randy with Murfreesboro Water & Sewer Department met this week and noted the leak is in the HOA’s line and there is not a  backflow preventer to prevent contamination in the Murfreesboro water line.


Chad cut the lines and capped this off. However, the HOA’s irrigation is run from the community well. Therefore, to save an est. $40.11 each month this is to be turned off.  In  the event the well runs dry this can be turned back on once the leak is repaired and a backflow preventer is installed.


Motion: A. Johnson

Move to remove Mirabella HOA’s name from the Murfreesboro Water & Sewer meter.

Seconded by I. Mathison and carried without dissent.


K. Roberts noted Ogle’s Electric was advised of the light post down. They noted this may be salvageable; however, they will have to wait until the rain stops to make the repair.

Action Item: K. Roberts to follow up with Ogles.


T. Roberts noted Comcast was mailing the camera invoices to 0000 Pitts Lane (The front gates). However, after multiple calls to Comcast this has finally been rectified.


K. Roberts noted Nationwide has been contacting a former homeowner, after being advised in 2015 to mail all invoices to the managing agent. Nationwide has corrected this error for all future billings.


The next board meeting is set for September 2016 and future meetings will be set to quarterly beginning January 2017.


K. Roberts noted Board members can document any votes with their opposition for records. However, the board works off of a majority vote.


K. Roberts handed out the annual meeting notice for board members to view.

Action Item: K. Roberts to make noted changes prior to mailing to all homeowners.

The board of directors had an open discussion regarding the annual meeting. Board members noted items that have been completed in 2016 and will present this to all present along with the budget and financial updates.


K. Roberts submitted the RFP to paint the entrance gates. Board members had an open discussion and noted the bids to be revised to compare the price of powder coat and rustoleum paint.

Action Item: K. Roberts to contact vendors for the revisions.


K. Roberts submitted the RFP for the front entrance stop sign. According to The Very Idea the current sign is not incompliance with city codes due to its size. Therefore, both bids show the price to replace as is and to replace to codes. .

Motion: I. Mathison

Move to approve the new stop sign installation that meets codes at The Very Idea.

Seconded by A. Johnson and carried without dissent.

Action Item: K. Roberts to contact The Very Idea and set up and installation ETA.


K. Roberts submitted the current proposals for the entrance sign repair. After review of the entrance sign there is internal damages per each vendor. The board had an open discussion and noted an engineer will need to review the sign before any repairs can be made.

Action Item: K. Roberts to contact USS Engineers to review and submit an engineer’s report.


I.Mathision recommended the board meeting minutes be placed on the community web-site, so property owners can view the HOA’s status at any time. All board members were in favorer.

Action Item: Board to place minutes on the web-site after board approval.




Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM

Minutes submitted by Community Association Manager, K. Roberts

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